What are duties of Software Tester?

The quality assurance team of in any organization has a lot of important work to do. After all, the end product decides if customers will be happy! This is true especially if you are working in the quality assurance department of a company that makes computer software. Some bugs are imminent but one has to make sure that he or she does away with them before the final product reaches the customer.

Software testers play an important role in ensuring that the quality of software is up to the mark. To work successfully as a software tester you need to make sure that you possess deep understanding of the software development process and have the ability to work on tight deadlines. So what will you do as a software tester? Read the list below to find out!

Software Tester Duties and Responsibilities

• Design appropriate test plans in order to determine the efficacy of computer applications
• Assist in detecting software failures and take measures to correct them
• Create test models and release appropriate controls
• Create and conduct walkthroughs in a structured manner
• Test and reset defects in a real time manner
• Troubleshoot application problems and provide technical support
• Assist business staff in planning, executing and documenting tests
• Handle testing processes by keeping in mind the error codes and phrases
• Record software tests scenarios and implement best possible fixes
• Participate in the software development procedure so that any errors can be fixed along the way
• Make notes of all software development procedures so that any subsequent problems after completion can be managed properly
• Test software with a view to compare competitor software
• Prepare documentation along the process and ensure that all information is accurate by reevaluating it
• Ensure that each software is developed according to set procedures and is accurate and reliable and conforms to protocols
• Modify code in a manner that its efficacy is increased and it gels into the current code properly
• Propose development enhancements to existing codes with a view to improve the software
• Analyze the context of software systems and employ measures to detect failures and breakdowns
• Write and employ effective test plans cases with the aim of exercising logic paths
• Develop, employ and maintain test engineering processes
• Set up test environments needed to handle quality assurance tests on software and make sure that they are carried out with absolute accuracy

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