CNA Cover Letter Sample (No Experience)

Are you are a fresh graduate who is seeking a Certified Nursing Assistant job? If you have built an entry level CNA resume do not forget to supplement it with an impressive cover letter. Cover letter is especially important for entry level CNAs since this is a useful source of introduction to the prospective employer and also a chance to impress them before they have a look at your accompanying resume. It is advised to write a cover letter in a highly professional tone, optimizing the transferable skills you possess which are also required or demanded by the job advertisement you are responding to.

Following is a good sample of cover letter for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) who has no practical experience in hand. The influential tone of this letter will ultimately persuade the reader to know more about you by reading your resume and inviting you in an interview.

CNA Cover Letter Sample (No Experience)


November 16, 2014

Mr. Nelson Kline
HR Manager
NW Hospital
Wilson Ave
Houston, TX, 45002


Dear Mr. Kline:

My profile may be short in experience but not so in nursing skills. In capacity of an energetic nursing assistant who has recently acquired her certificate and license to practice within Texas, I would like to apply for CNA position at NW Hospital.

Highlights of my profile follow for your consideration:

♦ Successful completion on 20 hours of practical training as a nursing assistant with distinction, responsible for assisting the medical staff in ward routine procedures including sample drawing ,lab testing and wound dressing.
♦ Outstanding academic record in nursing science along with ANA endorsed excellence in research skills.
♦ Proficient in taking vitals and charting the patient’s daily progress.
♦ Efficient in providing personal hygiene and grooming support to patients.
♦ Compassionate personality with a special gift in patient rapport building and treatment plan communication.

I have the opinion that a CNA position demands exceptional communication skills and ability to collaborate with medical professionals and the patient’s family – I offer all this. Ability to simplify and communicate medical jargon to patients and explain the treatment demands and special care associated with their diagnosis is my biggest strength as a nursing professional. Considering the diverse cultural background of your clientele based on the location of NW hospital, I believe my bilingual ability will also prove to be a definite plus.

I look forward to meeting you in person in order to establish my candidacy for the advertised CNA position. I shall follow up with you next Friday. In the interim, if you’d like to ask something or communicate an interview date and time, feel free to call me at the above number.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Denise McKinley

Attached: Resume

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