Residential Cleaner Cover Letter Sample

If you haven’t written a cover letter perfectly, you have done nothing worth a hiring manager’s time. Choose your words wisely when writing a cover letter – they depict who you are and what you can do. But to write a cover letter that hits home with a prospective employer, you need to understand what he or she wants. Create a table first – write all the things that the company is looking for in an individual on one side and put all the things that you are capable of on the other side. Match your qualifications with the employer’s requirements. See how much you qualify.

This exercise will give you a huge edge over the competition, as you will self-assess your abilities before you present them to the employer. If you know what he or she is looking for, it is easy to provide them with it. Simple? For sure! This method can also become part of your cover letter where you can draw a striking comparison of your abilities and the employer’s requirements.

If you have ever been awarded for your contribution to the company, do not be shy in mentioning it. Your accomplishments will keep your claims of being the “perfect candidate” from being hollow. To see how you can write a cover letter that brings results, refer to the one below:


Residential Cleaner Cover Letter Sample


George Dover
695 Atlantic Street
Cary, NC 21441
(000) 145-7474
g.dover @ email . com

July 2, 2016

Mr. Adam Foster
Hiring Manager
Kathleen’s Cleaning
632 Wade Green Road
Cary, NC 77896


Dear Mr. Foster:

As an experienced cleaner with a verifiable track record, I am pleased to apply for Residential Cleaner position at Kathleen’s Cleaning.

Presently working for The Cleaning Crew, I manage to perform all assigned cleaning, sanitation and housekeeping tasks within deadlines. From cleaning rooms and driveways to handling more challenging work such as performing preventative maintenance on household appliances, I am a master of all. Having received accolades for being the most conscientious and safety-minded cleaner at Kathleen’s cleaning, I offer my services as a cleaner who knows his work inside out and is willing to handle any cleaning or maintenance task, no matter how complicated.

I will call your office on Monday to see if I have successfully completed all required application steps, and to determine if you have a free slot to interview me. If you need to contact me in the interim, please feel free to do so at (000) 145-7474.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



George Dover

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