Letter of Recommendation for House Cleaner

Recommendation letters are a key to gaining the job in house cleaning industry. If you have worked well in a cleaning position for a certain period of time, chances are that you will receive an amazing recommendation letter for when you want to switch jobs.

For domestic positions such as that of a house cleaner, you may want to be given a recommendation that states that you are a trustworthy individual. After all, you will be working in someone’s house and your employers need to know that they can leave the house to you and not be worried about it. The question is what does a letter of recommendation for a house cleaner consist of? Apart from concentrating on the trust issue, you may want an ex-employer to write how well you have worked in a house cleaning capacity.


House Cleaner Letter of Recommendation Sample


Monday, June 9, 2014

To Whom It May Concern

Coming back to a clean house from work is one of the things that I have looked forward since I started working ten years ago. Elsa Hans made sure that I did not have to worry about a clean house! I hired Elsa shortly after I began working and I have not regretted my decision to do so. Her work is meticulous and her attitude even more so.

Elsa is a responsible individual who does not need supervision. Since the first day she reported to work, she has worked independently and was always willing to take on new responsibilities. Before I hired Else, I had heard some great stories about how difficult it was to hire good helping hand. However, Elsa proved this concept wrong with her hard work and always took out time “to do the little things” that are often not part of her job description.

I would like to describe Elsa in three words only – dependable, punctual and hard working. She arrives on time every day and is never tardy in her duties. Her cleaning techniques are not run of the mill which is why her work is thorough and done on time.

I am sure that she will be a great asset to whomever she chooses to work with. I recommend Elsa in any capacity related to cleaning that is offered to her. I can be reached at (222) 222-222 if you need any further information regarding Elsa and her work.



Jillian Hregory


Letter of Recommendation for House Cleaner – Sample 2


June 9, 2014

To Whom It May Concern

I am very pleased to recommend Anna Aguero for the position of house cleaner at your house (Address). As her employer for three years, I should mention this young woman helped our family and kids a lot. She is very professional in performing all kinds of house cleaning job including but not limited to:

• Sweeping, moping, washing, waxing and polishing floors
• Dusting furniture and vacuuming carpeting and area rugs
• Making beds, changing sheets and distribute clean towels and toiletries
• Attending to guests’ requests for extra supplies
• Stocking linen closet and supplies area
• Cleaning, disinfecting and polishing kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances

Anna is bright, energetic, sympathetic and a genuine all-rounder. Unlike many other house cleaners who are not sure to their responsibilities, she has made clear picture of her duties. She is able to perform right tasks at right time.

I strongly recommend Anna in the role of a house cleaner; one that would contribute greatly to you and your family. I wish her the very best of luck in all future endeavors.



Jean Atkins
41 West Street
Hamilton ON, S9C 6A7
(000) 999-7777

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