House Cleaner Resume Sample

Coming up with an impressive resume is crucial these days. If you are seeking some help as you build your house cleaner resume, you have reached the right page because we not only offer guidelines for resume building we also offer an example house cleaner resume.

Here are 5 steps to an effective resume outlined briefly for your convenience:

• Layout: Go through various formats and layouts and then choose the one that best compliments your profile.

• Build a summary: Phrase your core competencies powered with strong adjectives to build a profile summary.

• Bullet qualifications: Now mention all your qualifications in form of short bullets or a table.

• STAR Accomplishments: Use the STAR model to state your accomplishments. Mention the situation, task required, role you played and results or outcomes it had.

• Education: Include a brief section of education if applicable.

Following is a house cleaner resume example for your assistance.


House Cleaner Resume Sample


Gina Charles

544 Fisher Lane | Duluth, MN 65002 | (008) 222-5555 | gina @ email . com


An industrious and dedicated professional with 6 years of first-hand experience in house cleaning and maintenance work. Committed to provide high standards of cleanliness. Willing to work on weekends. Reliable vehicle with valid driver’s license. Core competencies include:

♦ Sweeping / Mopping ♦ Garden Maintenance ♦ Furniture Dusting
♦ Carpet Cleaning ♦ Trash Disposal ♦ Window Cleaning
♦ Toilet Cleaning ♦ Minor Repairs ♦ Debugging/ Fumigation


• Cleaned an unused house thoroughly in two days and made light repairs needed before arrival of the client independently.
• Cleaned and repaired a huge Victorian chandelier and was highly commended for the same.
• Assisted in multiple renovation tasks.
• Polished auction bought old furniture for a client efficiently.
• Landscaped the garden of a very big house transforming it into a piece of art.
• Provided housekeeping and laundry services to various clients as and when needed.


House Cleaner | Clean Homes, Duluth, MN | July 2008 – Present

Maintain houses in neat and clean condition. Duties included window cleaning, floor sweeping, dusting and trash disposal. Carried out light maintenance and repair tasks.

Garden Cleaner | Green Estates Duluth, MN | May 2007 – June 2008

Performed garden cleaning tasks. Removed weed and assisted in landscaping, planting, watering and fertilization.

GED | ST. LOUIS SCHOOL, Duluth, MN | April, 2007

• Multi Lingual (Fluent in English, French and Spanish)
• Remarkable physical Stamina
• Familiar with safe trash collection and green disposal procedures
• Able to read and follow instructions for usage of cleaning chemicals

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