Job Description for Sous Chef Resume

It is very important to fully understand the job description of a Sous chef position before applying for the same. Knowing the expected duties of the role not only prepare you well for the job but also help you in coming up with a better, more targeted and relevant resume.

Sous chef is basically a senior chef position, second in command of any commercial kitchen. The position is accountable for overall smooth running of the kitchen and quality assurance of the food being served. It is an important position and a resume for it must be written after thorough research.

Purpose/ Overview:
To ensure proper running of a commercial kitchen while monitoring each work station and assuring synchronization of ordered meals.

To facilitate the candidates, below is a sample job description for a Sous chef position.

Job Description for Sous Chef Resume

• Plan and monitor all kitchen operations and report any problems directly to the head chef
• Assist the head chef in developing special recipes and setting menu for special occasions
• Liaison between the head chef and cooks
• Delegate and communicate job tasks and duties to all employees
• Ensure adherence to WHO standards of hygiene and sanitation for commercial kitchens
• Arrange alternated for any absent staff
• Assist the cooks in recipe understanding and ratio doubling
• Coach the new employees in recipe following, storing leftovers and clean workstation maintenance protocols
• Synchronize service timings for each table’s orders through effective coordination at all work stations in the kitchen
• Check the food being served for quality and freshness
• Inspect work stations for hygiene and quality service
• Motivate the team of cooks and maintain a productive work environment in the kitchen throughout the day
• Guide the employees regarding prep, service and table setting tasks
• Carryout staff scheduling and theme development for special events in coordination with the management and head chef and communicate the same effectively to the staff
• Cook and season meals as per standard recipes
• Carve various forms and varieties of meat in coordination with the relevant work station
• Analyze the guest feedback forms in detail. Identify and rectify any food service issue highlighted
• Maintain all records and optimum inventory levels at all times
• Ensure that kitchen equipment is being utilized properly and in a safe manner
• Implement effective cost control strategies in the kitchen to enable production and service of high quality meals at lower costs
• Greet the guests and demonstrate high quality customer service etiquette
• Submit recommendations for new hiring, promotions, increments and demotions
• Approve daily and weekly stock purchases and supervise the procurement process regularly

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