Patient Care Technician Job Description for Resume

Attempting to write a resume for a patient care technician without first finding out what it is exactly that you will be doing, is career suicide. Don’t go that route. Even if you have worked as a patient care technician for many years, there may be some things that you are forgetting, simply because they… Read More »

Clinical Support Worker Cover Letter

One important rule to understand when applying for any job is that cover letters and resumes go hand in hand. Both complement each other and both are equally important. Never undermine the importance of any one of the two. To write an impressive cover letter for clinical support worker position, you need to find out… Read More »

Cover Letter for Health Care Aide

A healthcare aide is usually a CHHA certified person, responsible of providing health and personal care to elderly or chronically ill clients. The position might be based in the client’s home, at a hospital or a hospice center. Healthcare Aide Cover Letter Tips To write an ideal cover letter to go with your healthcare aide… Read More »