Residential Cleaner Cover Letter Sample

If you haven’t written a cover letter perfectly, you have done nothing worth a hiring manager’s time. Choose your words wisely when writing a cover letter – they depict who you are and what you can do. But to write a cover letter that hits home with a prospective employer, you need to understand what… Read More »

School Custodian Resume Example

School custodians help keep the schools clean, safe and organized. In order to be considered for this kind of position, you will need to write an effective resume for School Custodian position that details your skills, credentials and appropriate experience. Keep in mind, School Custodian Resume should not be longer than one page in length.… Read More »

House Cleaner Resume Sample

Coming up with an impressive resume is crucial these days. If you are seeking some help as you build your house cleaner resume, you have reached the right page because we not only offer guidelines for resume building we also offer an example house cleaner resume. Here are 5 steps to an effective resume outlined… Read More »

Letter of Recommendation for House Cleaner

Recommendation letters are a key to gaining the job in house cleaning industry. If you have worked well in a cleaning position for a certain period of time, chances are that you will receive an amazing recommendation letter for when you want to switch jobs. For domestic positions such as that of a house cleaner,… Read More »