Customer Service Cashier Job Description

There are many aspects of customer services, cashiering being one of them. A cashier working in any environment does not only work on the cash register. There is much more to a cashier’s job than mere payment processing. A cashier is usually one of the first points of contact in a retail environment. Many cashiers and customer services representatives work along the same job description as many of their duties overlap.

Often, customer service representatives end up processing payments and cashiers assist customers with choosing products and closing sales. Most people working at tier one in the customer service arena are trained to handle both these jobs and often rotated from one job to another and even required to handle both concurrently at times.

As a customer service cashier, you may be required to handle a sizeable array of jobs including establishing prices of goods, providing product demonstrations and even bagging purchases. Some other things that you will be doing are listed below:

Customer Service Cashier Job Description

• Greet customers and provide them information on where to locate their choice of items

• Take inquiries from customers and respond appropriately

• Assist customers in locating items by physically escorting them to concerned aisles and shelves

• Ensure that the store is well maintained and clean in appearance

• Make sure that’s shelves are cleaned and stocked appropriately

• Assist customers in making purchasing decisions and close deals according to company policies and procedures

• Take payment in the form of cash, credit card and checks and ensure appropriate processing

• Return any change tendered after ensuring accuracy

• Issue and redeem trading stamps and coupons

• Identify prices of goods by using optical scanners and checking price tags

• Process returns and exchanges and handle customers’ complaints

• Weigh items sold by weight by using specialized weighing equipment and determine accurate prices

• Bag, wrap or box purchased goods according to the type of items in question and upon any special requests put forward by customers

• Ensure that customers have access to carry out services at the end of the purchase procedure

• Sort currency and coins at the end of the shift and ensure that enough change is available for the next shift

• Tally sales with items sold and resolve any evident discrepancies

• Create reports and spreadsheets at the end of each shift regarding expenses, costs and payments

• Monitor check out stations to ensure appropriate staff deployment at all times

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