Cashier Recommendation Letter Example

A recommendation letter is a very important part of a Cashier’s job application package. If you have a recommendation letter from a previous employer, your chances to bag the next job are inevitable. A cashier’s recommendation letter will include the employer pointing out cashier’s core competencies and skills that helped the office that he or she was working in. It may also contain some augmentation of how he or she may deliver in the next work place. Let us look at an example.


Cashier Recommendation Letter (Sample)

Dec 11, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

I deem myself privileged that Charlene Cox asked me to write this recommendation letter for her. She has been working for Amway Grocers for over six years during which I witnessed considerable growth in her – both personally and professionally. Starting out as a part time helper in 2006, she has come a long way.

Charlene was asked to take up the duties of Cashier in 2008 when I realized her business acumen, customer service and cash handling skills. It gives me great pleasure that in these four years, not one penny has been unaccounted for! Since she finished business school while she was working with us, her skills in bookkeeping and balancing were exceptionally polished.

Charlene is always pleasant with customers and even though she is not required to assist customers with buying decisions, she makes it a point to be helpful wherever she can. She gets along very well with all our customers and I am sure that we have a few customers who come in only so that they can chat with her!

I strongly recommend Charlene for whichever endeavor she intends to take up as I am confident that she can do anything with maturity, professionalism and absolute confidence. I am sad to see her move to a different city but I wish her best of luck in her future endeavors.




Agnes Mentor
Senior Manager
Amway Grocers
(012) 111-1111

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