Sample Caregiver Interview Questions and Answers

Preparing for interviews a tricky – no matter which side of the interview table you are. There is so much that an interviewer needs to ask in order to make a hiring decision and so much that a candidate may want to tell you without sounding over enthusiastic.

Interview questions and their answers need to be prepared with great care especially if you are taking or giving an interview for a position that requires personal care. A caregiver’s interview, for instance, needs to be carefully charted out as there is people’s health and well-being involved. Questions asked during an interview for a caregiver’s position need to be focused on the candidate’s personality and his or her ability to provide care to an individual.

Quick Tips:

➜ Be sure to be prepared for interview through viewing some questions and answers.
➜ Always provide the references of at least two previous employers (If available).
➜ Do not wait too long to accept the offer, as good employers may find another caregiver.
➜ If the offer is accepted, you and the employer should set a date to sign the agreement and begin work.
➜ Both employer and employee must keep a copy of the contract.

Here are some important interview questions along with answers to help you get hired.

Sample Caregiver Interview Questions and Answers

Why should I hire you?
You should hire me because I offer what you seek in terms of experience, qualifications and expertise regarding care giving. I am well versed in elderly care giving, experienced with dementia patients, possess own vehicle as well as driver’s license and am able to carry out household tasks as mentioned in the advertised job requirements. Additionally, I am also willing to accompany the client to hospital visits and take up any additional client care related responsibilities.

What type of experience do you have in care giving?
I have been a caregiver for eight years during which I have had the opportunity to provide care to both children and the elderly so I am comfortable in handling many diverse types of people.

What specific attributes qualify you for a caregiver’s position?
My patience is my greatest virtue. I rarely lose my temper which makes it easy for me to handle even the most difficult situations by employing tact. I am also compassionate and a good listener and my older wards have been especially drawn to me for emotional support.

What makes you so interested in a caregiver’s job?
Seeing people who cannot look after themselves happy and comfortable in their lives is what makes this work so worthwhile. The fact that I can play a valuable role in maintaining someone’s life and dignity is the driving force behind my work.

How do you handle the pressure associated with this job?
I do not let stress take control of me. I always believe that things could have been much worse and deal with the situation accordingly. The trick is not to lose your temper because if you lose your temper, you lose control of things immediately.

Are you alright with handling personal care giving duties such as assisting with toileting and bathing?
Yes I am. I am not squeamish about these things as they are all part of the job. I have done these for many years and I am comfortable doing them for as long as I can physically manage them.

Do you smoke?
No. I am a non-smoker.

Do you possess a driver’s license? If yes, do you have trustworthy transportation and insurance?
Yes. I have a valid Texas driving license with a reliable car and clean driving record.

How far from here do you reside?
I live in downtown area. Approx 20 minutes drive from here.

Do you have any recognized caregiving training?
Yes. I am CPR and First Aid Certified.

What kind of position are you seeking? After reviewing our advertisement, is this the right kind of position you are in search of?
I seek a mid level elderly caregiver position. My area of interest is elderly care and I possess strong expertise in this domain. Your advertisement calls for a caregiver interested and experienced in elderly care which explains my interest in the same.

Do you have any medical conditions to prevent you from weight lifting?
(Tip: Be Honest). Not at all, I am capable of lifting up till 60 lbs.

Can you easily carry out the physical duties required for this position?
Definitely, I have great physical stamina and understand the physical demands associated with the job of a caregiver. I am well versed in moving clients, bathing and grooming them while practicing hygienic and safe care practices to prevent any infections and accidents.

Would you be able to transfer somebody from a wheelchair into a car or on a bed?
Yes, I know the techniques and positions to transfer patients.

Are you at ease with pets?
I like pets and I am quite comfortable in having them around, especially cats, dogs, birds and hamsters.

Are you capable to work the extra hours?
Yes! I am. since I’m free during the mentioned hours in the advertisement. I also offer flexible work hours if needed at any later point.

When are you available to start working at our home?
(Tip: Think this over before the interview if you are currently employed, allow yourself a notice period)
I will be able to start after two weeks from now to allow enough notice period to my current employer.

If we are late, go out of town, or go on holiday would you be able to manage your schedule?
Definitely, that won’t be a problem. I believe willingness to fill in or work extra hours are qualifications attached to every caregiver job.

Where was your last job? How long were you there? Why did you depart?
(Tip: Never say anything negative about your previous employer).
I was working as elderly caregiver at a private home before this. I departed since the family moved to another state.

May we make contact with your past employer? Please provide us with his/her name, phone number, and email address?
Tip: Write this information before hand and give it to the interviewer when asked. Do ask your previous employer before handing over their contact details.

If food preparation is required, what kind of food do you cook? Have you had experience cooking for other people?
Preparing meals has been part of my duties ever since I became a caregiver. I am adept at cooking nutritious meals and am able to prepare appetizing food with various special dietary instructions and considerations.

How do you think about caring for an aged/disabled person? Or a person with mental disorder?
I joined this field because of genuine compassion for aged, disabled and mentally challenged individuals and I believe the beauty of this profession is that you get to help others in living with dignity.

How do you handle people who are annoyed, intractable or afraid?
I have developed good rapport building skills over the years. I’m usually able to calm down angry and irritable individuals by judging their needs and catering for the same proactively. My effective communication skills have always served me well in this regard.

What kind of diagnoses have you cared for?
I have a diverse field of experience. I have cared for elderly with dementia, adults with Alzheimer’s, children with Down ’s syndrome, physically and mentally handicapped adults and children.

Is there anything in the job description that you are tight doing?
Nothing at all. I am well versed in all the duties you have mentioned. I am also good at adapting to new environments.

Give an instance of difficult circumstances you handled with a client. For example, how did you handle refusing to take a shower?
I have handled many shower refusals. The best strategy is to delay the shower if the client is irritable. I always suggest a shower when the client is in a good mood and also if I discuss the plan with the client a day before, it helps in preparing them mentally. One lady I worked with, for instance, was not fond of taking showers. One day she totally refused a much needed shower. I delayed the shower for two hours and convinced her for the same through effective persuasive skills utilizing knowledge of behavioral psychology I obtained during my care giving diploma.

What time assurance are you willing to commit on the job?
I am available at the mentioned hours and am willing to sign a yearlong renewable contract after probation/ trial period.

Will you keep every day records? Do you know how to use a computer?
I am skilled in maintaining daily records. I always have done so and my previous employer can verify that. I am computer literate and well practiced in MS word, excel and email usage.

Are you eager to sign a contract saying you will not accept cash or gifts from my parents?
I am a professional and seasoned caregiver, I will be glad to sign such a statement. In fact I did so for my previous employer as well.

How will you keep the family informed?
Being good at maintaining effective communication channels, I shall definitely remain in constant contact with the family and the client’s doctor to update and discuss any changes or matters of concern regularly through email phone and live meetings

Can you provide two work related and one personal reference?
Yes! I can. (Tip: Keep this information with you, go prepared)

Do I have your consent to run a background check?

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