Adult/Elderly Caregiver Resume Skills

When we think of eligibility for an adult/elderly caregiving job, our thoughts automatically focus on how much experience we have had in a certain area. Experience may be a good criterion for a job but it cannot replace skills. If you do not have the skills to do a caregiver’s job, experience may not be favored by a potential employer.

Skills are especially important if you are applying for a job that is highly dependent on certain abilities. For instance, if you are a caregiver, you will have to depend on how well you can handle the many demands that this job poses.

Elderly caregivers especially have to possess skills that are particular to handling their wards effectively. This may include the ability to understand diseases associated with old age, physical dexterity and patience to handle situations that are often associated with handling the adults or the elderly. What possible skills will an employer look for in an adult caregiver before he hires him or her? The list below will give you some idea of what skills are required for this position:

Sample Skills for Adult/Elderly Caregiver Resume

• Extremely compassionate with a great ability to handle adverse situations

• Knowledgeable of handling emergencies by employing First Aid and CPR

• Exceptional physical dexterity aimed at moving patients from one place to another

• Thorough knowledge of administering medication and IVs by following health plans and doctors’ orders

• Adept at preparing meals aimed at ensuring appropriate diets for adult wards

• Special talent for providing stabilization and mobility assistance

• Experienced in handling infection control procedures and incontinence management

• Good listening abilities with a view to provide wards with emotional support in weak moments

• Specialized courses in handling home safety procedures with an aim to ensuring safe surroundings for the elderly

• Comprehensive knowledge of old age diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia and their management

• Proficient in handling challenging behaviors of elderly wards with a view to ensure their safety

• Long term interest in providing entertainment to elderly patients with a view to keep them occupied during stressful times

• Firsthand experience in planning light exercise programs and cognitive stimulation plans

• Educated in handling various diseases such as diabetes and hypertension by developing and implementing healthy diets

• Ability to provide ambulatory assistance to adult and senior wards

• Knowhow of handling light housekeeping activities and maintaining calendars

• Good insight into assisting elderly clients with physical therapy sessions

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