Cafe Assistant Job Duties and Responsibilities

Depending on the size and type of café, café assistants are responsible for a huge array of duties. Most of these duties revolve around preparing and serving food and beverages. But this is not all that their work encompasses. They need to make sure that the café is clean and sanitized at all times and that customers are serviced properly.

Job Scope

Café assistants take orders, prepare orders and also serve them to customers. They greet customers as they arrive at the café and seat them as well. As part of their job description, they lay and clear tables and ensure that payments are processed properly. Since working as a café assistant means that you are in constant contact with customers, you need to possess a pleasant demeanor and be approachable. You also need to keep a lookout for customers’ needs on a constant basis. If you are comfortable with working with people and possess some knowledge of the food service industry, you can be eligible for a café assistant’s position.

A list of duties for the position of a café assistant is given below for your reference:

Cafe Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet customers at the café and escort them to their tables

• Present menus, provide suggestions and take orders

• Relay orders to the kitchen staff and ensure that orders are prepared in a time efficient manner

• Assist in preparing food items upon customers’ orders

• Expedite customers’ orders in the kitchen with a view to provide customers with a positive café dine in experience

• Deliver orders to customers’ tables after ensuring accuracy of order

• Keep a constant lookout for further orders from already served customers

• Ensure appropriate temperature and portion of prepared orders

• Clear tables and make sure that tables are laid properly once a customer leaves

• Assist in handling washing up duties in the kitchen

• Ensure that food supplies are always in stock and handle inventory duties

• Assist in cleaning and sanitizing kitchen counters

• Provide support to cashier in providing order information for billing purposes

• Take payments from customers and assist cashiers in processing them

• Prepare takeout and delivery orders by following orders received from customers

• Take and handle customers’ complaints by exercising tact and patience

• Ensure that all recyclable items are isolated for processing

• Make coffee, tea and other beverages by following set recipes and directions

• Participate in daily stock checking activities and place orders for low stock items

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