Billing Specialist Cover Letter Example

You should write a unique cover letter considering each organization and its position that you apply for instead of keeping one general letter to be posted everywhere.

Avoid using phrases like “Dear Sir or Madam” or “To whom it may concern”, use a professional approach by researching the person responsible for hiring and address your application to him/her.

Follow a standard business letter format – like the sample below.

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Billing Specialist Cover Letter Sample


One Washington Square
San José, CA 95192

September 27, 2014

Mr. Barney M. Grace
HR Manager
Eliot Community Human Services
186 Bedford Street Lexington
San José, CA 02420


Dear Mr. Grace:

With great interest, I am applying for the position of Billing Specialist (Job # 13-0077) at Everett Outpatient Clinic of Eliot Community Human Services. From your job description posted on your company website, I found that your requirements complement the skills I have gained over years of working in the related capacities.

My qualifications:

• Well-versed in carrying out detailed verification processes of insurance eligibility and benefits for insurance clients.
• Able to accurately prepare documentation related to every client’s registration.
• Skilled in recording all demographic and billing information into System while tracking and following-up with a wide range of clinicians.
• Outstanding capability to process daily evaluations and other related billable proceedings.
• Proven record of obtaining as well as tracking authorization for services into the established system and to run reports for identification of claims.
• Qualified in researching insurance denials for various pay sources.

Because of these well refined capabilities, I have received several recognition awards from National Auditing & Compliance Committee US, as well as company performance rewards which are mentioned in my enclosed resume.

I look forward to meeting with you in an interview at your convenience to prove how I can be your company’s valuable asset. In case you need more details, you can call me at (001) 123-3456. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Truly yours,

(Leave considerable space for your signature in ink)
Lee Burner


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