Counter Attendant Skills

The position of counter attendant requires many skills and capabilities on the part of job seeker. Employers prefer applicants who possess right expertise to perform this job. The following skills list can be utilized by candidates to build ab effective resume and cover letter.


Counter Attendant and Food Preparer Skills

● Use manual and electrical appliances to clean, peel, slice and trim foodstuffs

● Take customers’ orders

● Portion and wrap foods, Package take-out food

● Stock refrigerators and salad bars

● Keep records of the quantities of food used

● Prepare, heat and finish simple food items


Kitchen Helping Skills:

● Receive, unpack and store supplies in refrigerators, freezers, cupboards and other storage areas

● Remove kitchen garbage and trash, Handle and store cleaning products, Sweep and mop floors

● Wash, peel and cut vegetables and fruit

● Clean and sanitize kitchen including work surfaces, cupboards, storage areas, appliances and equipment


Dish-washing Skills:

● Scour pots and pans, Operate pot-washing machines

● Clean and sanitize items such as dishwasher mats, carts and waste disposal units

● Operate dishwashers to wash dishes, glassware and flatware

● Sanitize and wash dishes and other items by hand

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