Student Assistant Cover Letter Sample

The bad news is that things have changed dramatically since the last time you wrote a cover letter for student assistant position. The good news is that there is a lot that you can do about it. And the best news is that you have help! Cover letter standards may not be what they used to be some time ago but one thing hasn’t changed. And that is the fact that cover letters still need to be written creatively. Instead of looking left and right for the perfect cover letter guideline, wake your inner writer up.

Student assistant cover letter writing has always been about written communication skills. Through a cover letter, a prospective employer gauges how well you will fit into his or her company. So give them something to think about – something to remember you by. When you talk about past accomplishments and learned skills in a cover letter, you are not only doing yourself a great favor but also helping a hiring manager make important decisions – to hire you.

Once you have made your qualifications for a job obvious through exceptional written communication skills, you may deem your cover letter complete and ready to be sent off. For a sample, look at this entry level cover letter for student assistant position:


Student Assistant Cover Letter Sample


Daisy Logan
524 5th Street
569 Terrapin Road
Cambridge, MD 58966
(000) 841-4545
daisy @ email . com

April 11, 2017

Mr. Hannibal Lockhart
Manager Human Resource
University of Cambridge
569 Terrapin Road
Cambridge, MD 55858


Dear Mr. Lockhart:

Just as your requirements in the university magazine chart out, I am “meticulous”, “reliable” and “possess a good standing with student residents”. As you look through my resume, you will see that I have worked in a somewhat similar position at the student residency of University of Cambridge last year and would now like to serve as a student assistant in the same capacity.

With vast exposure to handling student residents’ queries and problems by implementing workable intervention procedures, well within the parameters set by the management. Additionally, you will find me conducive to working in a student residential environment owing to the fact that I have held 3 offices within the student body in the last two years and possess the status of a “known student.”

Please refer to the enclosed copy of a reference letter from Professor Robert Downy, who will vouch for all that I have written here. I will be in touch with you in a few days to determine the status of my application. If you need to contact me before that, please feel free to do so at (000) 841-4545.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Daisy Logan

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