Recommendation Letter for Network Analyst

During hiring process, employers need to assess qualities and characteristics of prospective employees so that they can determine how well they will fit into their organizations. This is mostly done through resumes and interviews but recommendation letters provide the best insight. They chart out an employee’s work ethics and the ability to handle a particular task in the manner that a potential employer would want it to be handled.

Recommendation letters for Network Analyst position needs to possess a highly professional tone or a somewhat personal one depending on the situation. It can also hold information of an employee’s achievements and what led to them. These letters are considered an important part of the job application set as they can prove to be invaluable in a potential employer’s decision making process. The letter should start of by explaining how you know the person you are writing a recommendation for and then chart out an honest evaluation of the person’s skills and achievements. You can even put in a few words about why you think he or she would be a good candidate for a specific job.

Below is a recommendation letter sample for the position of a network analyst that should help you gauge what to write in one.


Recommendation Letter for Network Analyst


Monday, June 9, 2014


To Whom It May Concern

I have known Frank Herbert since 2004 when he joined Ecumen as an intern. Since then, he has come a long way, earning multiple promotions throughout the years and proving himself to be a great asset to the company. As a network analyst, Frank has brought much success to the company and has been invaluable in handling complex network projects.

As part of Ecumen, Frank has been a dedicated individual who has handled the company’s network components with precision. Due to the nature of his work, he has been involved in both the business and the technical side of the company and has proved his worth well and truly in each area.

Frank headed the Cold Turkey project for Ecumen which was one of the most lucrative business opportunities for the company. He was involved in the design, analysis and implementation of the entire communications side of the project which he did with much success.

Bright, keen and skilled, Frank garners my unequivocal recommendation because I believe that he has a great ability to handle even the most complex of projects and works in great synchronization with both designers and programmers. I am available for comment or information should you need to contact me.



Haley Emerson
(Information Technology Director)
Tel: (999) 666-9999

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