Flight Attendant Sample Resume

Flight Attendant Resume Tips

Build your flight attendant resume to talk to the employers. Focus on airline’s needs by thoroughly reading the advertisement you intend to respond to. Now make a list of job requirements mentioned in the advertisement. You can also put extra effort by researching the mission of airline on its website. Find out more about the recruiting committee, their standards and values. Once you have a clear picture of the firm you intend to apply at, begin writing your resume.

Starting with a profile summary featuring some of your most wanted competencies is a good idea. Back it up with a strong qualifications section. Next comes an accomplishment focused experience section and last but not the least is your education section.

Refer to the example below to get a better idea.


Flight Attendant Resume Sample



Daniel Stuart

211 Quest Lane
Oakland, CA 68339

daniel . stuart @ email . com

(005) 666-3333 – Home
(009) 444-3333 – Cellular


Committed to safety and well-being of passengers.

Profile: Extremely motivated hospitality and customer service professional with 7+ years’ experience in airline industry. Highly developed skills in cabin management, multitasking, and communication. Keen insight into needs and wants of passengers. Committed to ensure the comfort of passengers throughout the flight.

Key Strengths Include:

✔ Food and Beverage service ✔ Cabin cleanliness
✔ Supplies maintenance ✔ Safety equipment handling
✔ Emergency handling ✔ On-board selling
✔ Food preparation ✔ Luggage management
✔ CPR / AED ✔ ServSafe


✈ Initiated a stock inventory system at the airlines to ensure availability of needed provisions
✈ Communicated some effective cabin safety ideas to the admin which were adopted and highly commended by the crew
✈ Earned the ‘Most Responsible Flight Attendant Award’ in 2013


Flight Attendant | ARR Corp. Oakland, CA | 11/2011 – Present

• Ensure availability of standard safety equipment onboard each flight
• Administer first aid to passengers if needed
• Ensure passengers’ adherence to federal regulations before take off
• Familiarize the passengers with on board safety equipment usage
• Timely complete assigned administrative duties including fund reporting

Junior Flight Attendant| Executive Jet Management, Oakland, CA | 7/2007 – 10/2011

• Stocked and maintained onboard provisions
• Attended to client calls and queries
• Ensured client comfort by complying with their needs
• Assisted in food service as per client preference


Flight Attendant Training | FSI, Oakland, CA, 2007

AAS, Hospitality | Community College, Oakland, CA, 2006

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