Resume Objective for an Administrative Assistant

An objective is a proclamation in resume which helps you to set up a link or association between an employer and yourself. It must be regarding the job that you are applying for and how you go well with the job.

Objective orients your resume towards a specific job. It also assist the reader understand your resume in a better way. It is supposed to be a crunchy statement that gives a general idea of what the resume is about and what skills and expertise you can use as an Administrative Assistant to benefit the employer.

A resume objective is typically placed after the contact details. It has to provide the employer and thought of why you are appropriate for this job.

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective Examples


● Fresh, Energetic individual seeking an Administrative Assistant position with the Global Credits where good analytical skills, problem solving aptitude and basic administrative skill can add to profitable operations of the company.


● Seeking an administrative internship at ABC Company utilizing good methodical skills, strong attention to detail and aptitude to follow instructions.


● Detail-oriented professional seeking an Administrative Assistant position with Hyatt where extensive experience in filing, bookkeeping, and MS office can be fully utilized to maximize efficiency and profits of the company.

What not to include in an objective?

An objective should give a general idea of your most relevant qualifications and also assist an employer pick your resume for additional processing. For that reason do not take in personal details and interests in an objective statement. The employer does not seem to see whether the job suits you, he/she wants to know whether you suit the job.

Example of a bad objective

● Looking for an administrative assistant position where there is possibility to learn more and an opportunity for a better career growth.

In this example, there is no intention about the skills, ability or experience or how candidate can add to the value of company. This objective is just a selfish statement tilting towards the personal interests of the candidate.

Important Note: Do not write an objective in your resume if you are submitting applications for numerous positions in the same organization. This is for the reason that an objective limits your resume view to a specific position.

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