Core Competencies of Administrative Assistant

Following are detailed core competencies for Administrative Assistant position.

• Communicate effectively, both verbal and in writing, and uses technology efficiently in communicating
• Graciously answer telephone or responds to personal requests and provides information to resolve simple inquiries
• Take precise and absolute messages
• Converse with clients in a manner that is aligned with company’s mission
• Eager to learn and develop communication skills
• Vigorously listen and clarifies what is being said by questioning
• Respond quickly and keeps client informed
• Put routine forms in order for both internal and external constituents
• Listen efficiently; give and accepts criticism in a productive manner
• Respond properly
• Demonstrate admiration in all communications for the multiplicity of all inner and external clients

• Willing to help others and proactively try to find people’s needs and wants
• Follow directions immediately and perfectly
• Work as part of a team – actively seeks to take in diverse opinions and views
• Organisation and prioritisation of office functions
• Share information and ideas – gives due praise to others
• Help colleague work efforts
• Willing to help others when need arise
• Respect self and others, particularly those who have different socioeconomic backgrounds
• Demonstrate an optimistic, pleasant and open approach

Institutional Know-How
• Develop a system of in-house contacts
• Seek recommendation of administrator when questions occur
• Commit to the assignment and values of the college and the goals of the unit
• Know and follows rule and procedures
• Seek to appreciate goals of the department
• Seek to learn and recognize work procedures and policies
• Know wherever or how to locate information
• Respect others as capital and uses their time cautiously

Customer Service
• Flexible and customer service-oriented approach
• Great attention to details
• Apologizes when suitable and accepts blame in support of the company
• Works helpfully with others to attain the targets of customer stisfaction
• Give priority to customer concerns
• Engage customers and foresee needs
• Is easy to talk to, deferential and courteous
• Take initiative in support of customer and give customer options

• Stay up to date in knowledge of field.
• Organize and plan work systematically; can give details to others
• Can handle manifold tasks with clearness about stages of completion for each
• Maintain technical skills and knowledge essential to carry out job duties
• Apply knowledge, expertise and skills to tasks
• Seek to obtain mastery of responsibilities; adapt to changes

Work Ethics and Professionalism
• Behave in keeping with company rules and regulations
• Demonstrate commitment in quality of work
• Arrive workplace or office on time and dress properly
• Seeks supervisor’s criticism on presentation
• Informs manager when work is completed or a task is required
• Follows up on promise; keeps agreements and promises
• Notifies key populace of important issues or changes in state of affairs affecting work
• More and more accountable; develops possession of work
• Reliable; exhibits both the skills and the genuineness to do the job

Technical Competencies
• Basic awareness of a personal computer
• Utilize I/O devices such as keyboard, mouse and printer
• Use suitable administrative information systems essential to carry out the job and can locate and/or enter data
• Basic familiarity of Windows
• Ability to use different kinds of databases
• Sign in and use of passwords for safety
• Use shortcuts and toolbars
• Maintain data confidentiality,  safety and integrity

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