Administrator Cover Letter Sample

There are certain guiding principles or tips that work wonders if followed while writing a cover letter for administrator position. Some of these tips are outlined below to aid you as you set yourself to the task of writing a winning cover letter.

• Enthusiasm translates into dedication when it comes to cover letter writing. Instill as much energy in your content as you possibly can since it will help the employer see your motivation for the role.

• Identify the employer’s exact needs and expectations associated with the role and address the same.

• Chose a writing style that genuinely reflects your personality. Do not use too much jargon and never use default templates. Be unique.

Below is a sample cover letter sample for an Administrator job.


Administrator Cover Letter Sample


039 Bridgeton Road
Woodstock, VT 53533

November 17, 2014

Mr. Christopher Lee
Manager HR
Sava Senior Care
8839 Linden Street
Woodstock, VT 43190


Dear Mr. Lee:

As luck would have it, I came across your advertisement for the open position of an Administrator at Sava Senior Care today which I see is the last date for applying. I am an experienced administrator with over five years of demonstrated work in a hospital setting. I believe in my abilities to be an asset to your company with my high standards of work and the skills that are a key to success in this regard.

I possess a number of strengths and qualifications which are in line with your requirements. For instance, I am highly skilled in:

• Buying, storing, and distributing supplies
• Planning budgets
• Directing clerical and secretarial staff
• Recommend and train policies to improve productivity
• Monitoring facility to make sure that it remains safe and well maintained

Since I have worked in administration line of work quite extensively, I possess functional knowledge of identifying administrative problems and providing solutions following best practices. My ability to plan and direct all activities pertaining to orchestrating smooth flow of operations is profound as I ensure that all aspects are taken in account when managing them. In brief, I have a proven ability to run an organized office along with manage grievances and other operational hiccups.

I am confident that I possess the ability to manage all administrative aspects of Sava Senior Care. I’ll like to meet you in person with the aim of discussing this position in detail.. Please feel free to contact me at (900) 333-3333 or via email at [Email Address].

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Tracy Carson

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