Student Assistant Cover Letter Sample

The bad news is that things have changed dramatically since the last time you wrote a cover letter for student assistant position. The good news is that there is a lot that you can do about it. And the best news is that you have help! Cover letter standards may not be what they used… Read More »

Student Assistant Resume Sample

Considering the amount of attention that a prospective employer pays to a resume, you better start working on your resume pronto. And by working we don’t just mean that you should quickly create a resume and be done with it. Resumes need time. And effort. Without either of these, resumes can come across as sketchy… Read More »

Manufacturing Technician Resume Example

The joys of writing a resume aren’t too many – especially if you are forever wondering what works and what doesn’t. This is something that will come with experience. If you have rehashed your resume a dozen or so times, you will know that your resume needs to be relevant in all senses. Relevance is… Read More »

Emergency Management Specialist Interview Questions and Answers

Do you know that hacks are not limited to just household stuff? You can also employ some to succeed in the job world. Well, not the regular household stuff but some geniuses have made ones especially for job interviews! Cheat sheets are actually acceptable at interviews – in fact, some employers appreciate it if you… Read More »

Residential Cleaner Cover Letter Sample

If you haven’t written a cover letter perfectly, you have done nothing worth a hiring manager’s time. Choose your words wisely when writing a cover letter – they depict who you are and what you can do. But to write a cover letter that hits home with a prospective employer, you need to understand what… Read More »

Legal Secretary Resume No Experience

Entry level resumes writing is highly overrated. Most of job seekers believe that they cannot write a good resume if they haven’t had work-related experience. Not true. Even if you have just graduated from high school or a bachelor’s program, your resume can look like (or better than) a pro’s if you just put in enough effort. Resumes,… Read More »

Patient Care Technician Job Description for Resume

Attempting to write a resume for a patient care technician without first finding out what it is exactly that you will be doing, is career suicide. Don’t go that route. Even if you have worked as a patient care technician for many years, there may be some things that you are forgetting, simply because they… Read More »